Occupational stress and permanent lack of time are only two causes ensuring nowadays that we are gradually losing our inner tranquillity and peace of mind. The consequences are mental disorders like depression and the burnout syndrome. You can do something against this.

Naturally, it makes a difference whether someone has a serious mental illness or possibly only suffers from malaise. Needless to say, the physician must determine if the symptoms are serious and decide whether a psychiatrist or neurologist should at least treat or analyse the patient. If you can become active yourself, the following will help you:

Look after you

If you would like to become calmer and more relaxed, you can start by looking after yourself. This includes the creation of a faultless environment and relationship. When problems with the partner are in the room, they should be quickly discussed and cleared away.


Hobbies also help because you take the time for yourself and relax. Everyone should do whatever works best for clearing the head and connecting with oneself. For one person it’s sports, for another it‘s cooking or sleeping or a visit to the sauna.

Special relaxation exercises like yoga help. When performing them, people learn not only how to breathe and move correctly, but also how to concentrate on themselves. This can be supported by taking “Ashwagandha, basil and biotin capsules”.

Enjoy the moment

In addition, happy moments promote well-being, thereby bringing back the tranquillity and peace of mind. Take strolls, meet friends and start spending some evenings without the smartphone and PC.

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