Fragen zur Dr.Dünner AG

Do all products come from Switzerland?

All products are manufactured in Switzerland with the greatest care. However, since not all plants needed grow in Switzerland, they are harvested in the respective country of origin, inspected in Switzerland according to strict guidelines and processed to become top quality products – so you can be 100% sure that you will enjoy a product with the best Swiss quality.

Does Dr.Dünner manufacture all products itself?

All formulations are carefully developed by our experienced specialists. After the new product samples are received, they are either manufactured for you in our facility in picturesque Immensee or in a specialised Swiss partner facility.

How does Dr.Dünner ensure that all standards are observed, e.g. regarding child work and other exploitative labour conditions?

Dr.Dünner accepts no questionable production methods! We know our suppliers closely and are therefore able to assess working conditions perfectly. Wherever possible, we prefer to deal with grower cooperatives, thereby promoting fair trade.

Does Dr.Dünner produce sustainably?

We are aware that we have merely borrowed the world from our descendants. For this reason, we pay attention to a respectful and gentle use of all resources. This is reflected by the use of renewable materials from the Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch. We purchase all the energy used (=electricity) from renewable Swiss sources and do not use electricity from nuclear power plants and fossile fuels at all.

General questions about the product

You use blister packs, wouldn’t glass jars be better?

We always use the best quality – also in packaging materials! Our liquid products are therefore offered exclusively in recyclable glass bottles. With the valuable capsules, on the other hand, only a blister pack will guarantee the optimal protection of the sensitive ingredients.

How can third-world products be sustainable?

The preservation of the essential properties, the stability and the natural regeneration capability of the respective ecosystem always have priority for us. We use sustainably cultivated raw materials and promote grower cooperatives, thereby supporting fair, local trade and creating sustainable workplaces for the local population.

Some products contain organic ingredients. Why aren’t all products “organic”?

We are always looking for organic farmers capable of supplying us with organic quality raw materials. However, since soils and plants need years to reach the organic standard, there are still not enough organic raw materials available but we are seeing that the supply is fortunately growing little by little.

Do the products contain preservatives?

Our products have no chemical preservatives and are not irradiated either to prolong shelf life, so please pay close attention to the storage information on the packaging to preserve optimal quality.

Do the products contain sugar?

We do not use saccharose (sucrose), but sweeten our liquid products with pure, concentrated pear juice from untreated pears that grow on mighty Swiss standard trees. Some liquid products contain real honey to enhance their taste. We partially even use the unique, rare Swiss forest honey to impart a very special flavour to natural remedies. Naturally, the selected beekeepers manage the bee colonies in a near-natural way. Some of them have even been awarded with the coveted organic certificate.

Do the products contain genetically modified organisms?

All our products are GMO-free. We especially ensure that no raw materials contain genetically-modified organisms or have had contact with them. The cultivation of genetically-modified organisms is prohibited in Switzerland.

Is animal testing performed?

In short: Absolutely not!

Do the products contain gluten? I have coeliac disease.

We use no ingredients that contain gluten. However, please always read the respective product declaration.

Do the products contain lactose? I have lactose intolerance.

We do not use lactose. However, please always read the respective product declaration.

Do the products contain iodine?

We do no add iodine to our products. However, please always read the respective product declaration. The “Jod 100” (iodine 100) tablets are an exception here.

Are all products vegan?

We respect all living beings and vigorously reject animal experiments. However, some of our products contain organic raw materials from animal origin such as honey or sheep’s butter. They are part of the vegetarian lifestyle, but not suitable for vegans. Please always read the respective product declaration.

Is the expensive, luxurious packaging really necessary? I don’t think it‘s ecological and it unnecessarily raises the price of the products …

We are devoted to phytotherapy with full conviction and care and act in harmony with mankind and nature. When selecting our raw materials and formulations, we place the highest demands on quality. This is also reflected in the valuable appearance of our products.

Why are other dietary supplements more economical?

When selecting our raw materials and formulations, we place the highest demands on quality – and therefore need the best ingredients. Needless to say, they are somewhat expensive.

Do the products help?

We have been receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers for over 70 years on a regular basis. For us, this is one of the most wonderful confirmations that we can think of.

Are there chemicals in these products?

Here, the basic question being asked is what a “chemical” is because many natural processes in the human body such as digestion are actually a chemical process. We use primarily natural substances or compounds identical to the natural ones in small quantities with identical structure (e.g. vitamins) which therefore have the same effect.

I have diabetes. Can I take Dr.Dünner products?

Sugar-free products can be taken without reservations. If unsure, we recommend you  consult the family physician.

Are the capsules vegetarian or halal?

Wherever feasible, we try to use vegetarian capsules but this is currently not always possible to do everywhere for technical reasons. However, we use no raw materials that come from pigs. Please always read the respective product declaration.

Questions about product use

Can Dr.Dünner products be taken for a longer period of time without reservations?

Generally, there is no time limit for using our products to supplement your diet. Also, no breaks have to be taken. However, please always read the respective product declaration. Dietary supplements are no substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Is there a danger of an overdose?

As long as you take the specified daily intake, it is not possible to overdose with the vitamins and minerals contained in the product. All ingredients are dispensed in such a way that they correspond to the quantity that is ideally taken with the daily diet.

Should Dr.Dünner products be taken before or after meals?

The ideal time for taking depends significantly on the product. Therefore, please always read the respective product declaration.

I have a healthy diet. Do I still need Dr.Dünner products?

A balanced diet is crucial for health but it is widely known that many people have an unbalanced diet. Taking our products on a regular basis additionally supports the body in certain life situations.

Is it dangerous to finish off a bottle all at once?

We urgently recommend you to follow the intake recommendation. If you greatly exceed the recommended intake by accident and have symptoms, please call us (+41 41 8544611) or consult your family physician.

Can I take Dr.Dünner products after the expiry date?

We guarantee the products optimal quality and stability until the use-by date printed on the packaging. Even if the product would still be all right, we must in principle point out that dietary supplements should no longer be taken after the use-by date.

Can I open the capsules? I cannot swallow capsules.

Basically, you can open the capsules and take their content like that, but we do not recommend it for taste-related and hygienic reasons.

Can I take your products in addition to my medications prescribed by the doctor?

Normally, there are no restrictions, but we nonetheless recommend you to read the medication’s package insert carefully or consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

What side effects are known?

Our dietary supplements have no known side effects.

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