Is your throat sore, your digestion limited, your muscles and joints achey or you always feel tired and listless? Would you like to support your health with natural, gentle methods? If so, then you have come to the right place here at Dr.Dünner. The family-owned business with a long tradition offers high-quality herbs and plants that are beneficial for the body and soul.

“We want to be the best in the application of plants and herbs for maintaning your good health,” describes Robert Bastong, Managing Director of Dr.Dünner, when referring to the company’s work and aspirations. “To accomplish this, we rely whenever possible on plants and herbs organically grown in Switzerland. When necessary, we look for unusual plants aud herbs throughout the world – such as ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), which has been used for 5000 years in Indian medicine. In production, we remain fully within our corporate roots and rely completely on Swiss accuracy.”

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Natural treaures for your health

Dr.Dünner offers natural remedies with the best Swiss quality. All remedies and dietary supplements made by Dr.Dünner are herbal. They are intended for preventive health care and the treatment of symptoms within the realm of traditional herbal medicine and supplement a healthy diet.

Experience with medicinal plants for generations

Dr.Dünner looks back on many decades of experience with medicinal plants: Ever since the company was founded by Dr. Helene Dünner in 1948, the fourth generation in the company dedicates its efforts to the helping, anabolic and invigorating effects of plants and especially medicinal herbs.

Best plants from the best origin

Dr.Dünner developed the remedies near Switzerland’s only biosphere reserve. On 400 square kilometres (almost 100,000 acres) in front of the company headquarters extends a world that promises tranquillity, inspiration and relaxation: unspoilt moor landscapes, idyllic alpine meadows and the mountains rising majestically into the sky ensure a very special kind of atmosphere. The vast majority of the plants processed by Dr.Dünner thrive in the Alps and hilly and mountainous regions of Switzerland. Dr.Dünner purchases the plants from selected small farms in rural areas and is increasingly using more organic herbs.

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Acting in accordance with mankind and nature

Moreover, Dr.Dünner protects its environment, purchases green electricity and strives for a carbon-neutral energy balance. In addition to climate protection, the company relies on organic farming and participates in programmes of “Pro Specie Rara”, a foundation for the cultural-historic and genetic diversity of plants and animals.

Modern “Free from …” remedies

Dr.Dünner’s modern remedies do not contain genetically modified ingredients, are not tested on animals, are mostly vegan as well as gluten- and lactose-free. They are largely free of allergens and contain neither preservatives nor artificial colorants, fragrances or flavourings. Dr.Dünner’s formulations are generally well tolerated and quickly absorbed by the body. Only whole plants or plant parts are used in the manufacturing, as this is the only way to extract the valuable secondary plant compounds.

Naturally scientific

Dr.Dünner processes all plants and herbs exclusively in Switzerland according to strict pharmaceutical manufacturing rules that govern remedies and dietary supplements. Dr.Dünner fulfils GMP requirements. Source materials and end products are tested and analysed by independent agencies.

Swiss quality products for your home

You can order our products directly, quickly and comfortably through our Amazon web shop. Naturally, we are also present in all good health food shops because this is still where the best advice about your dietary and health issues is available.

You also find current information about Dr.Dünner on Facebook, where you can find interesting news about the topics of Switzerland, health and diet, and where sweepstakes are also regularly offered. 

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