Our health is not found just in the genes but is above all our own responsibility. An increasing number of people share this conviction nowadays.

They act with accountability and want to consciously counteract the health-damaging consequences of everyday stress, inactivity and the wrong diet.

Traditional herbal medicine supports these wishes with a true treasure of preparations and formulations for gentle application with few side effects. Herbal medicine is appropriate for self-treatment and ideally suited for preventive health care.

Even medical practitioners are once again paying more attention to phytotherapy. Many research institutes and universities are looking for possible new applications for traditional medicinal plants. After all, many successful remedies of modern pharmacy originated in a plant, such as aspirin in an active ingredient of the willow bark or digoxin, extracted from the foxglove (digitalis).

All of us can learn a lot from herbal medicine and it deserves our respect. For this reason, Dr.Dünner dedicates its efforts to phytotherapy with full conviction and care, thereby acting in harmony with mankind and nature – because health is our own responsibility.

Alexander von Schönau
President of the administrative board of Dr.Dünner AG

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