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Our Products in China

Contact information for our products

Dr. Dünner is proud to supply a range of premium products to the Chinese market, which have a very beneficial effect for the human body. All these products are produced at our own factory in the middle of Switzerland, at the Lake Lucerne. We use a range of selected medicinal herbs and plants, which we then turn into healthy products for you.

Please check this site frequently as we are going to publish more information about new and interesting products for you.

Contact information for Dr. Dünner products:

Dr. Dünner China Ltd
( 北京端娜尔商贸有限公司 )
Mrs. Pan
Phone: +86 10 58203731
Beijing, China

Strategic partner for "Ruhevoll products"
Contact information for Ruhevoll products:

Linco International Trading Company, Inc.

Ruhevoll - WHITE
Nutrient Drink

Nutrient Drink

Nutrient Detxo Drink

Nutrient Detxo Drink