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EssenzaVita: Traditional knowledge of herbs in a modern form

Traditional remedies

Our EssenzaVita products have their roots in ancient popular medical knowledge in Europe. Many learned people and those with an understanding of nature, as well as monks and nuns, kept medicinal herb gardens, refined recipes and systematically furthered the development of phytotherapy. Dr. Dünner makes this treasure trove of inherited herbal knowledge and medieval plant medicine accessible to everyone in today’s world.

Many employees, including chemists, practitioners of alternative medicine and pharmacists,  are involved in the development of our EssenzaVita products. Since the monasteries’ inherited medical knowledge is fortunately still documented in many books, we are able to refer back to this fund of knowledge – which is frequently centuries old.

Many research groups are currently once more involved in monastic medicine. We have very close contacts with these institutions which we would like to expand still further in the future.