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PhytoWorld   Worldwide trendsValuable or medicinal herbs flourish throught the world. In order to refine them into outstanding products in Switzerland, we acquire the plant ingredients from local producers...  

EssenzaVita   Traditional remediesOur EssenzaVita products have their roots in ancient popular medical knowledge in Europe. Many learned people and those with an understanding of nature, as well as monks and...  

Data protection   Data protection and conditions of useYour data will not be forwarded to third parties. Dr. Dünner AG assures you that your data will be treated confidentially in accordance with the applicable laws...  

BioSphere swiss   The Entlebuch Biosphere Area Our BioSphere swiss product range is based on medicinal herbs from Switzerland. We obtain most of the plants from certified organic companies which operate in unspoilt...  

Application Areas   Application areas  

Skin & Beauty   Skin & Beauty  

Muscles & Joints   Muscles & Joints  

Contact   Dr.Dünner AGArtherstrasse 60 CH 6405 Immensee Tel. +41 (0)41 854 46 00Contact  

Imprint   ImprintDr.Dünner AG Artherstrasse 60 6405 Immensee SwitzerlandMain Phone: +41 41 854 46 00 Main Fax:      +41 41 854 46 03  

Nerves & Brain Function   Nerves & Brain Function  

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