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Questions about the company Dr. Dünner AG

All our products are manufactured with great care in Switzerland. But of course, not all the plants needed for these products grow in Switzerland. Therefore, they are harvested in their country of origin, controlled in Switzerland in accordance with strict regulations and then refined into top-quality products. This gives you the maximum security of enjoying a product with top Swiss quality.

Interested visitors are always welcome to visit us! We have dedicated ourselves to phytotherapy with full conviction and care, and have the highest standards when it comes to the selection of raw materials and preparations. Visiting us locally is always a good opportunity to convince yourself of this.

All our preparations are carefully developed by our experienced specialists. Once the new product samples are available, they are produced for you by either Dr. Dünner in picturesque Immensee or by a specialised Swiss partner company.

Dr. Dünner does not accept any dubious production methods! We know our suppliers very well and can therefore accurately evaluate the working conditions. Wherever possible, we prefer farming cooperatives, thereby promoting fair trade.

We are well aware that we only have the earth on loan from our descendants. Therefore, we pay great attention to handling all its resources with respect and care. One good example of this is the use of renewable raw materials from the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve.

General questions about the product

We always use the best quality – even for the packaging! Our liquid products are therefore sold exclusively in recyclable glass bottles. In the case of our high-quality capsules, however, only a blister package can ensure the optimal protection of the sensitive ingredients.

The preservation of essential characteristics, and the stability and natural regenerative capacity of the respective ecosystem is always our focus. We use sustainably cultivated raw materials and promote farming cooperatives. In this way, we support fair, local trade and create sustainable jobs for the local population.

We are always on the lookout for organic farmers who can supply our plant-based raw materials in organic quality. However, since it takes years for the soil and plants to reach the organic standard, sufficient organic raw materials are not always available. Fortunately, we observe that the supply is gradually increasing.

All of our products are free of chemical preservatives and are not irradiated to extend shelf life. Pay careful attention to the storage instructions on the package in order to maintain optimum quality.

We do not use sucrose, but instead sweeten our liquid products with pure, concentrated pear juice. This is made from untreated pears that grow on monumental standard trees in Switzerland.

All our products are GMO-free. We make absolutely sure that our raw materials do not contain or come into contact with genetically modified organisms. The cultivation of genetically modified organisms is prohibited in Switzerland.

We do not use any substances that contain gluten. However, please always note the respective product declaration.

We do not use lactose. However, please always note the respective product declaration.

We do not add iodine to our products. However, please always note the respective product declaration.

We respect all living things and unfailingly reject animal testing. However, some of our products contain biological raw materials of an animal origin, such as honey or sheep’s butter. These are part of the vegetarian lifestyle, but not suitable for vegans. Please always note the respective product declaration.

We have dedicated ourselves to phytotherapy with full conviction and care, and act in harmony with mankind and nature. We maintain the highest quality standards in the selection of our raw materials and preparations. This is also reflected in the high-quality appearance of our products.

When selecting our raw materials and preparations, we maintain the highest quality standards. To ensure this, we need the best ingredients. And they are naturally more expensive.

For over 70 years, we have received regular feedback from satisfied customers. For us, this is one of the best validations that we can imagine.

This raises the fundamental question of what “chemicals” are. Many natural processes in the human body, e.g. digestion, are actually chemical processes in the proper sense. We predominantly use natural products, or in smaller quantities, nature-identical compounds whose structures are equivalent to natural substances (e.g. vitamins) and therefore have the same effect.

Sugar-free products can be consumed without hesitation. In case of doubt, we encourage you to consult with your general practioner.

Wherever possible, we try to use vegetarian capsules. For technical reasons, however, this is not yet possible in all our products. However, we do not use any raw materials derived from pork. Please always note the respective product declaration.

Questions on the use of products

Generally speaking, there is no time limit for using our products as dietary supplements. Nor does one have to take any breaks from them. However, please always note the respective product declaration.

Overdosing on the vitamins and minerals contained in the products is not possible, as long as one sticks to the prescribed dosage. All the ingredients are dosed in such a way that they correspond to the amount that is ideally supplied by daily food.

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The ideal consumption time depends on the product. Therefore, please always note the respective product declaration.

A balanced diet is essential for good health. However, it is generally known that many people have health problems or imbalanced diets. Therefore, the regular use of our products is justifiable to additionally support the body in certain situations.

We strongly encourage you to abide by the recommended dosage. If, due to an oversight, you have significantly exceeded the consumption recommendation and feel discomfort, please call us on +41 (0)41 8544611 or consult your general practitioner.

We guarantee the optimum quality and stability of the product up until the best-before date printed on the package. Even if the product were to be still consumable, we must always point out that dietary supplements should not be taken after the best-before date.

As a general rule, you can open the capsules and consume the contents inside. However, for taste and hygiene reasons, we do not recommend this.

Normally, there are no restrictions. Nevertheless, we recommend that you read the medication’s package insert well or consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

For all our food supplements, the following applies: there are no known side effects.

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