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BioSphere swiss: Medicinal plants and herbs from Switzerland

The Entlebuch Biosphere Area

Our BioSphere swiss product range is based on medicinal herbs from Switzerland. We obtain most of the plants from certified organic companies which operate in unspoilt areas of the Alps and Alpine foothills in harmony with nature. An important production region is the biosphere area in Entlebuch which enjoys particular protection by UNESCO. The organic farmers who work there cultivate a range of medicinal plants for Dr. Dünner, such as calamint and ladies’ mantle.

Naturally, in many cases we know our organic farmers personally. We agree with them which plants we need for our BioSphere swiss products. Should these plants not grow in the area, they are then cultivated exclusively for Dr. Dünner.

Moreover, the organic farmers help us with developing products. After all, they know what can be grown and harvested best in their locality.

Due to this proximity to the producers, the time taken to develop a product from an idea to being ready for the market frequently takes no longer than six months. Nevertheless, there are plants that require two to three years to grow. To this must be added the vagaries of the weather – namely from extreme drought in the summer, to a particularly severe winter. In these cases, the development can even take several years. For this reason, we are working on products today whose ingredients will not be ready for harvesting until 2018.