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PhytoWorld: the best plants in the world – processed in Switzerland

Worldwide trends

Valuable or medicinal herbs flourish throught the world. In order to refine them into outstanding products in Switzerland, we acquire the plant ingredients from local producers throughout the whole world at fair conditions.  To this end, we maintain close contacts with local universities, research laboratories and non-government organisations (NGOs), such as the “Non-GMO Project“ in the USA.

We co-operate closely with NGOs in order to keep abreast of international trends in the field of phytotherapy – amongst others with Fairtrade and Switzerland Global Enterprise, and we do, of course, frequently travel to foreign countries and immerse ourselves in their culture in order to make new discoveries.

However, no matter how we find new trends: the quality of our products is of uppermost importance, and this is why we always ensure that our partners in the supply of raw materials share our philosophy.