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Active lifestyle

Wer sich regelmässig körperlich betätigt, wird mit zahlreichen physischen und psychischen Vorteilen belohnt. Sport hilft beim Abnehmen, erhöht die Ausdauer und stärkt die Muskeln.

Those who regularly engage in physical activity are rewarded with numerous physical and mental benefits. Exercise helps you lose weight, increases your stamina and strengthens the muscles. But there are also less obvious positive effects. Those who manage to complete one unit of sport a day will be rewarded with better and deeper sleep at night. What’s more, sport raises the dopamine and serotonin levels in one’s body. This reduces stress and alleviates depression. In addition, sport increases our resistance to cortisol, a stress hormone. And last but not least, sport reduces cholesterol values.

There are an almost infinite number of options these days for keeping fit. New trend sports are continually being established on the fitness landscape. Zumba, crossfit and bouldering have joined classic sports like jogging and football. Nearly all sports can be divided into two categories: anaerobic training and aerobic training. Aerobic training are exercises that can be performed over a longer period, i.e. endurance sports. Anaerobic training requires short bursts of energy, and usually leads to muscle development.