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Vegan Gluten free Lactose free Non-GMO
Sambu psyllium

Sambu psyllium

To counteract sluggish bowels and hard stools

  • No habituation effect
  • Completely natural
  • Supports a Sambu detox cleanse
  • Time-tested for decades

To treat constipation and ensure the formation of soft stools for easier defecation, e.g. for tears in the anal mucosa, haemorrhoids, following rectal-anal surgery and during pregnancy. Also as a supportive therapy for diarrhoea of various causes and for irritable bowel syndrome.

When placed in liquid, psyllium seeds swell up to 15 times their original volume. This special swelling capacity and the high mucus content make psyllium an exceptionally gentle yet reliable laxative. The vegetable mucus in psyllium gets sluggish bowels moving and gives the intestinal contents a smoother texture.

Additional information

1 full teaspoon (approx. 5 g) of psyllium a day after it has been soaked in water (approx. 100 ml), followed by 1–2 glasses of water.

160 g black psyllium.