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Vegan Gluten free Lactose free Non-GMO
Sambu elderberry drink

Sambu elderberry drink

To accelerate the body’s detoxification

  • With natural anthocyanins
  • No chemicals
  • Clinically tested and verified by Prof. Dr. Chrubasik
  • For a healthier lifestyle

Elderberry acts as a diaphoretic and diuretic, thereby accelerating the body’s detoxification. Red dyes naturally contained in elderberries, known as anthocyanins, sustainably support detoxification through improved cellular respiration.

Additional information

Dilute 40 ml (approx. 4 tablespoons) in 1/4 litre water and drink 4–6 times daily. Consume hot or cold during the day.

500 ml elderberry drink.

Elderberry juice 50%, elderflower syrup 7.5%, 100 mg = 4.5 bread units.