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Gluten free Non-GMO


For nerve-related heart complaints

  • Helps the body overcome stress
  • No chemicals
  • Contains herbal powder from blossoms, fruit and   leaves
  • Combined with additional plant extract

Helps with nerve-related heart complaints, e.g. tachycardia and heart palpitations caused by nervousness.

Additional information

Unless otherwise prescribed: adults should take 1–2 tablets 3 times a day with some liquid.

Keep dry at room temperature (15–25 °C) and protect from light. Store medicines carefully and out of reach of children. This is a remedy. Please seek advice from a specialist and read the package insert.

80 tablets.

1 tablet contains: 150 mg hawthorn blossoms, leaves and fruit powder, 98 mg hawthorn dry extract (3.5–5:1), extracting agent ethanol 90% (V/V) and auxiliary substances.