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The best plants from the best sources

Herbal medicine comprises extensive knowledge of the preparation of the leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark and roots of certain plants for both internal and external use. We always use whole plants or plant parts. Only this approach ensures that the valuable secondary plant compounds are retained.

The vast majority of plants prepared by us thrive in the Alps and in the hilly to mountainous regions of Switzerland. We obtain them from selected small-scale farms in rural areas far away from industrial zones and urban settlements.

We also maintain close contacts with our plant suppliers based in selected regions in the Mediterranean and Middle East, as well as organic farms in the tropics. This allows us to obtain ingredients from plants that cannot be grown in Switzerland. All essential steps in production, as well as the final controls, take place in Switzerland, and are subject to strict Swiss quality criteria.

We act in harmony with mankind and nature.

Our benchmark. This is what we strive for

We act in harmony with mankind and nature. In order to meet this ambitious goal, we subject ourselves to strict rules and must comply with measurable criteria.

The herbs we use are almost exclusively of Swiss origin; we also use some selected raw plant material from warmer climate zones. All goods delivered undergo a thorough examination, and all raw materials are fully traceable back to their place of origin. We place particular emphasis on organic raw materials and do not use genetically modified organisms.

We produce our food supplements in Switzerland according to strict pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations and comply with the most stringent GMP requirements. Our quality standards exceed the legal requirements. We ensure that our raw materials and end products are tested and analysed by independent agencies, for example in Swiss cantonal laboratories.

We carefully compose our products, taking scientific and therapeutic aspects into account. They are largely free of allergens and contain no preservatives, artificial colours, fragrances or flavour additives. Our recipes are generally well tolerated and are quickly absorbed by the body.

We use green electricity and strive to achieve a CO2-neutral energy footprint. Besides acting against climate change, we advocate organic farming and participate in “ProSpecieRara” programmes. We take our social responsibilities seriously. We support fair salaries for all, we pay fair prices, and we help to establish social organisations.