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A healthy attitude

Good health is not only based on your genes, it is primarily our own responsibility. These days, more and more people share this conviction. They are taking their health into their own hands to counteract the harmful consequences of daily stress, lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

Traditional herbal medicine can help with these aspirations, offering a true treasure trove of preparations and recipes that are gentle to use and have very few side effects. Herbal medicine is suitable for self-treatment and is ideal for preventative health care.

Even academic medical practitioners are rethinking phytotherapy. Many research institutes and universities are exploring new applications for traditional medicinal plants. After all, many modern pharmaceutical remedies actually originate from plants, for example aspirin, from an active ingredient in willow bark, or digoxin, from foxgloves (Digitalis).

We all can learn a lot from phytotherapy and it deserves our respect. That is why Dr.Dünner is passionately devoted to the cause of phytotherapy, as we act in harmony with mankind and nature. Because our health is our own responsibility.

Alexander von Schönau – President

Dr.Dünner AG

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